A week of social media fails…

Social media:  a potentially exciting new way for businesses and organisations to have conversations with their stakeholders; a way of developing a campaign or a brand with a personal touch, or potentially a way to really stick their foot in it and magnify criticism to epic levels. Killer KitKats This week saw two interesting social media ‘fails’. First we […]

Local tweets for local people

The future is local it seems. Twitter has now enabled local search for trending topics including countries and cities. Although if we’re to believe Alexa.com they’re missing out India, Germany and Japan. Not sure if it’s working out cities using IP addresses, geotagging or the user’s self declared location (in which instance we’d all be […]

I for one, welcome our overlord hamster

nef (the new economics foundation, not the oven manufacturers) always seem to have a knack for coming up with slightly off-the-wall campaigns to describe their ‘hippies in suits’ think tankery. In the past they’ve come up with creative projects to rank how happy the planet is, get us to talk about our economic feelings in a […]

(Belated) new year resolutions

Well it’s a bit late but here are my new year resolutions for 2010: Go running. Been meaning to do this one for a while. My Nike+ avatar is looking decidedly bored. Lose some weight. See point 1. No I’m not going on a diet. Write interesting blog posts more often. I’ll freely admit that […]

Genius christmas twitter campaign

Came across this on twitter this morning: http://charity.further.co.uk/ By tweeting: Tweeting this message gets 10p donated to The Children’s Society charity http://bit.ly/4PcaKP #furthercharity your profile picture then appears on the page and the Christmas tree totalizer counts up the donations. There’s the option to top up your donation as well – although I’d be interested […]

A few videos…

1) Don’t Undermine Bangladesh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWCvB7_hl6s Last year a campaigner based in Bangladesh contacted me on facebook in regard to a proposed open cast mine in Phulbari, Bangladesh. A UK based company GCM were attempting to get permission to build a mine that would displace 30,000 people and destroy the water supply of a further million. […]

The power of a tweet…(but annoyingly I’m the only one that will ever know)

An interesting thing happened to me a few evenings ago. I was at one of the iTunes festival gigs in the roundhouse, which featured the eclectic line-up of Mumford and Sons (yawn), the Temper Trap (not bad) and Stephen Fry (yes, that Stephen Fry). Stephen Fry was there in a warm-up capacity presumably because of […]