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My Dad does some e-campaigning!

See the below from my Dad:

Dear All
I was shocked when I took a small amount of lead tubing  to our local scrapyard last week.
The metal fetched £2.50 / Kg now and I came away with over £60 in cash.
I was shocked that it is so easy to get cash – just a name and address and vehicle registration number.
They didn’t check that the vehicle number I gave was correct, let alone look it up on the national database.
Would you consider signing the ePetition that seeks to force a change in the rules, please?

It is a government website and quite safe:

Yours sincerely

Stephen Taylor

They’re at about 25,000 signatures – reforming the legislation is a relatively easy thing for ministers to do, and it’s particularly upsetting when things like this are stolen for a few quid (about 0.05% of it’s actual value). Plus it would be nice to see an epetition succeed that’s not a Daily Mail repatriation / anti-europe / king canute type subject.