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Dad-Tech: Wooden Raspberry Pi prototype board

This year for father’s day I bought my Dad a Raspberry Pi – as I was lucky enough to grow up in a house filled with computers,  it was nice to return the favour!

He’s working on a project to drive a solenoid-activated pipe organ using the GPIO pins on the Pi. To this end he’s started on a wooden Pi case and prototype board – since most breadboards come with a sticky-backed plastic mounting pad it’s nice to have something to mount them on, and keep everything tidy.

Here’s version 1:

Prototype Raspberry Pi development board

(I’m trying to encourage him to keep a blog of his progress!) 

And here’s the board varnished with the breadboard in position (and some very tidy cabling from the GPIO pins)

Raspberry pi development board with breadboard and some LEDs

 Ultimately these should be available to buy on ebay, he also makes excellent clocks.

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