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Missing the twitter API? here’s something rather useful

If you’ve  lamented the loss of twitter’s v1 API which was switched off in June 2013 – and the ability to generate RSS feeds of your tweets and mentions here’s a handy tool for getting them back.

twitter + tools

Twools is a set of  twitter – tools (geddit?) to generate feeds that uses twitter’s API version 1.1 – you’ll need to apply for an API key to make it work, and you’ll also need a server to host the software. I’m running twools on my cheap-as-chips 123-reg hosting package, so if you’ve got web space that’s capable of hosting a wordpress blog you should be ok. Installation is a matter of uploading to your webspace and following the enclosed instructions on modifing the settings file.

One note – this is a beta tool, so it’s provided as-is – it does include password protection, but I’d suggest using a different login to your normal one, and not making the front-page public. The feeds are public but fairly easy to hide.

RSS feeds are quite useful (despite what twitter thinks) – it’s possible to use them for things like a twitter badge on your website, or if you’re feeling a bit more creative setting up triggers on If This Then That (

Twitter triggers disappeared from IFTTT last year – but the very handy Twools can help you get them back.

For instance – you want to get an email when someone mentions your website on twitter – or perhaps you don’t want to miss a tweet from your mother in law. Or perhaps you want to drive some hardware with a tweet – like the Raspberry Pi ledborg I had a go with recently.

Using the feeds generated by twools you can generate notifications really easily whenever a new item is added to the feed – here’s an example on There is a limit built into the API but i’ve not hit this yet.

All in all it’s very useful – you can download Twools by subscribing to the newsletter on – the author Ian Anderson Gray also responds to tweets.

Update: Twools is now available as a wordpress plugin! (taking care of the login security)  

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