Who is Pete Taylor?

Hello, I’m the Pete Taylor from Tottenham, UK.  Over the years I’ve worked on all things internetty at the World Development MovementONE CampaignOxfamFriends of the Earth, the Teacher Support Network and the World Land Trust . Although my favourite job to date was catching damselflies in Southampton.

I tend to mention work things quite a lot on this blog, along with other semi-work and not so work related projects.

This blog is in need of a spring clean – am working on that at the moment.

Pete Talor next to a canal in Amsterdam
Pete Taylor next to a canal in Amsterdam

I went to the Perse school in Cambridge and then Liverpool University where I studied (at least some of the time) Zoology.

I like tinkering with Raspberry Pi computers, building things out of Lego, Doctor Who, running, guinea pigs, cycling bromptons, taking photographs of bees, electro-pop bands and full on chandeliers ‘n ballgown opera.

And also, just to be clear: I’m not an acaoustic musician,  nor am I a footballer born in 1928 or 1953 and I don’t own copyright on all words and pictures. I do rattle out a good* rendition of Ring of Fire on the karaoke but I’m not a baritone soloist.