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Click to tweet link generator

Here’s another super simple widget, for creating links that generate tweets when you click on them.

click to tweet
advanced tweet technology

I use these links a lot in marketing type emails for work and tend to use quick and easy online tools (because I’m lazy), but I’m always slightly nervous about sending links via another website, that might get shutdown or move.

This makes use of the API so you can track the number of clicks on your link, and then compare that to the number of tweets sent   – check it out below:

You can download the source on github – feel free to hack about with it. It’s just 3 files (including the CSS). You just need a website that supports PHP which most do, and a account.

Edit the settings at the top of the bitlytotweet.php file to include your source (this can be anything), username and API key.  As this script makes use of your own account you might want to hide the widget page and not make it public.

Click to tweet and share this page!