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Raspberry Pi retro text browser

If you visited the Raspberry Pi foundation’s website yesterday (April 1st), you will have spotted their spoof website redesign featuring a text interface and binary numbering on the menus:

This was what the web used to be like...
This was what the web used to be like…

They even had some lovely ASCII art. If you missed it, you can recreate the effect for any site on the web using the Lynx browser.

The Lynx browser is currently the oldest web browser still in use – it dates from 1992 and runs completely in the terminal. Despite it’s old age, it’s still regularly updated and actually works quite well. For sites with lots of text and forms Lynx is all you really need, and if you have limited access to the web where you work you can SSH into your Pi and browse the web remotely, all from the terminal.


sudo apt-get install lynx

then just type:


to visit the site of your choice! – the newly launched redesign of the Raspberry Pi website looks like this:

No school like the old school
No school like the old school