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Raspberry Pi model A arrives…

A new Raspberry Pi model A arrived in the post yesterday. I’ve got a very specific project in mind for this slimmed down model – but for now a couple of pictures.

It lacks Ethernet and has 256mb of RAM, but consumes less power (about 1/3rd) –  than the existing model B version. It’s also a bit cheaper so you can now buy a computer which can do high definition video for less then the price of a blu-ray movie.

Raspberry Pi model A (fisheye view)
Via a big bendy eye camera…

From the side it’s noticeably thinner (1.7cm deep allowing for the SD card compared to 2cm) than the existing model B – the widest components on the board being the video connector, followed by the audio out and GPIO pins – the single width USB and HDMI connector being about the same width. So there’s also some scope here to make it even thinner with a bit of careful desoldering:

Raspberry Pi model A side view
and from the side

A year ago I’d never consider bringing a soldering iron near a PC, but perhaps that’s the effect of the super-low-cost computer.