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Unipi case (all that’s missing is a fruit logo)

A while ago I backed a kickstarter for an aluminium Raspberry Pi case. Although I’ve already amassed a collection of Pi cases (everything from Lego to a hollowed out Holga medium format camera) this one caught my eye as being a rather beautiful piece of industrial design. They even went as far as quoting me on the kickstarter page.

“The best metal case I’ve seen for the Pi” – Feel free to send free stuff!

Plus it was being made by a bloke and his Dad, which I like.

Well the case has arrived today, and I’m glad to say it’s not a disappointment. I opted for the bare metal version, and it feels really well made. The finish is more matt than it appears in the photos which is a plus point, and it comes with two lids – a perforated version and a version with slots if you want to make use of the camera and GPIO.

The Pi fits snug inside
The Pi fits snug inside

This is a very pretty case – perhaps most suited for a desktop Pi. The perforated design is a little bit reminiscent of the powermac G5 and the construction is spot on. I did need to bend the cover very slightly to get it to lock into place, but once it’s there it sits very securely.

All that's missing is a shiny fruit logo
All that’s missing is a shiny fruit logo

The case is also stackable, which would make a very attractive Pi cluster.

Downsides? well it’s not cheap – Adafruit are selling it for $49.95 although it’s cheaper than the other Aluminium cases I’ve seen. If you’re quick you can still buy it direct for $34.99, which still makes it about as much as a Pi, but then it does look very nice on my desk next to the iMac. The video out and stereo jacks are recessed, so angled plugs might struggle but the HDMI socket is almost flush with the side of the case – and this is the output I would use 99% of the time anyway.

Overall? I stand by my statement that this is the best Aluminium case available for the Raspberry Pi – there are others out there but they start to push the ludicrously expensive barrier, and the UniPi case has the feel of much more expensive fruit branded products.

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