Alternative endings

Recently Brixton Book Group discussed Ernest Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms – a book I suggested after hearing a Radio 4 article about authors writing alternative endings – often to make film audience focus groups happy, and often at the detriment of the original story.

Hemmingway wrote 47 different endings to his book. If you want to read through all 47 endings they’re available in this edition on the kindle.

Here’s my alternative ending in graphic novel format (click to make it bigger) representing”the biggest and most unforgivable cop-out .. (the alice in wonderland dream)” or Bobby in the shower in Dallas, depending on your cultural reference points.

The Alternative Alternative Ending to A Farewell to Arms
I did consider making the Doctor Who / Scooby Do ending

Brixton Book Group meets every 3 weeks or so to talk about books in the pub. Everyone can suggest a book to read next time, and we vote on which one to read next using a doodle.

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