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Trying out Google plus one (updated)

I’ve just had a go at installing the new Google like plus one button on this blog. It’s available in US English only and you have to opt in to the experiment in order to get it to work properly.

There are some handy instructions available on google on adding the button – it involves some Javascript in the header and a plus one tag <g:plusone></g:plusone> to render the button.


Not entirely sure how useful this is – particularly if it’s just related to Google Buzz which picks up my twitter feed anyway.

It seems very similar to Facebook like, but lacking the massively popular social network to back it up.


Now the plus one button has a massively popular social network (10 million users by July 2011) to back it up – the launch of Google Plus integrates with the button. For anyone not yet on plus one, in 10 seconds it:

  • Has an activity stream just like facebook.
  • Allows you to organise contacts using a neat drag and drop interface into ‘circles’ e.g. friends, family, colleagues which is much easier to use than facebook’s privacy settings.
  • Allows you to share content with each circle differently e.g. hello friends here are my drunken photos from last night, hello colleagues here is my presentation for today’s meeting, again facebook sort of allows this but it’s horribly complicated to set up.
  • Has a group video conference feature.
  • lacks group or organisation/company pages – although this feature is coming soon.

The sharing content bit is where the plus one button comes in. Initial testing indicates that it helps with discovery of new pages into google, but has no effect on their page ranking.


Important things launched on April 1st

Just a round up of some of the fantastic new things that have been featured today, on the first of April:

Google Animal Translate

Introducing Translate for Animals (beta): Bridging the gap between animals and humans

Google have now updated their real time translation software with an android app (sorry iPhone fans!) that provides animal translations. So now you can answer the question as to what Mr Dog/Caesar is actually talking about.

get the app here from google

DIY Carbon Freezing Kit

Yes I know you love me dear, but why can’t I move my arms and why am I now someone’s favourite wall decoration?

Now you can cryogenically freeze yourself for 5-30 years. Yes, really! Making a complete Han Solo of yourself has never been easier. Or possible.

Make a Han Solo out of yourself
Make a Han Solo out of yourself

full details available here (via


Help save youtube bandwidth by selecting textp rather than video. For every person who selects TEXTp and keeps it on while they watch a video, they save YouTube $1 a second, resulting in potentially billions of dollars of savings (not to mention the environmental benefit of saving server load).

TEXTp is the result of months of intense transcoding efforts by our engineers, who toiled for weeks to ensure that a large chunk of videos on the platform could be reduced to their most basic elements. By replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos are far less taxing on our system — and have the added benefit of promoting literacy!

see the above in all it’s textp glory on the Youtube website

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Shiny unhappy Tony

Tony Blair was giving evidence to the Iraq Inquiry today. He didn’t look happy.

Tony Blair looks very shiny (sweaty?) at the Iraq Inquiry today on Twitpic

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Local tweets for local people

The future is local it seems. Twitter has now enabled local search for trending topics including countries and cities. Although if we’re to believe they’re missing out India, Germany and Japan.

Not sure if it’s working out cities using IP addresses, geotagging or the user’s self declared location (in which instance we’d all be tweeting from Tehran).

screenshot of local trends search on twitter
Now including Brixton
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Genius christmas twitter campaign

Came across this on twitter this morning:

By tweeting:

Tweeting this message gets 10p donated to The Children’s Society charity #furthercharity

your profile picture then appears on the page and the Christmas tree totalizer counts up the donations. There’s the option to top up your donation as well – although I’d be interested to find out how many tweeps actually do this. It’s always good to see twitter being used for things other than talking about Tiger Woods.

Give a tweet this Christmas
Give a tweet this Christmas

Kimondo moves to WordPress


I’ve now moved my blog to wordpress rather than drupal as a bit of an experiment!

I’ve moved my two most popular posts over from the old site, but hopefully will be blogging a bit more frequently.